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10 Signs And Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer You Should Not Ignore

The tongue is an essential muscular organ that aids in chewing and speaking. It runs from the bone in the middle of the neck (hyoid bone) to the mouth’s floor. It is made up of a strong tissue web, and mucosa, a moist pink lining, covers it.
A healthy and clean tongue is important for a person to lead an everyday life that involves communication, cleanliness and food consumption.
Since it is a visible part of the human body, one can feel all the abnormalities that come with it, including cancer. Keep reading to know more about tongue cancer symptoms.

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What are the signs and symptoms of tongue cancer?

Here are the signs and symptoms of tongue cancer that people should be aware of;

Red or white patch

Red or white patch

It is a visible sign of the disease that persists despite all the cleaning attempts.

Sore throat

Sore throat

Since the tongue runs to the back of the neck bone, people might experience a sore throat that doesn’t go away

Ulcer or lump

Ulcer or lump

People might experience a sore ulcer or lump on their tongue that doesn’t go away from its treatment



People might experience mild or severe pain when swallowing food.



The presence of cancer cells tends to leave a person’s mouth in a state of numbness.

Burning sensation

Burning sensation

Cancer causes a burning or swellinglike sensation in the mouth.
Movement issues

Movement issues

People find it difficult to move their tongue, especially while speaking or chewing.



Cancer causes unexplained and abnormal bleeding in the tongue, not caused by any other reason.

Lump in the neck

Lump in the neck

Cancer causes an irritating lump in the neck region.

Pain in the ear

Pain in the ear

People might experience pain in the ears, although this is not a frequently reported symptom amongst tongue cancer patients.

Do you have any of the symptoms listed above?

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What are the causes of tongue cancer?

The exact reason behind the presence of tongue cancer is not known. However, research has listed the following risk factors;

How to test for cancer in the tongue or neck region? 

Medical experts check for the presence of cancer using the following methods;

The doctor asks the patient to open their mouth to see if there are visible signs on the tongue or throat region. They use a small mirror to check the back of the tongue and throat region. 

A biopsy helps confirm the tumour’s benign or malignant nature. The specialist takes a sample of the tumour and analyse it under the scope. 

To check for the presence of cancer in the non-visible regions of the throat, the doctor uses a camera named Panendoscope and analyses the throat. 

It is a procedure that involves the insertion of a tube called the nasoendoscope through the nose. The camera and bright light at the end check for abnormal tissue in the throat. 
People can also opt for other tests such as an MRI scan, CT scan, PET-CT scan, blood tests, dental check, and ultrasound scan.

What are the treatment methods for tongue cancer?

It is the surgical removal of the cancer tumour or cancer-affected tissue or organ. 

It is the administration of powerful drugs to destroy tumour cells in various tissues, organs or bloodstreams.

It is the process of using intense energy beams to target and kill cancer cells.

It is the process of stimulating the body s immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. 

In conclusion,

Early diagnosis saves 9 out of 10 people. It also helps in reducing the cost and frequency of cancer treatment. Therefore, people should be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer to catch it and treat it early. Often times fear and stigma associated with healthcare prevent people from getting tested. They should overcome those mental and social obstacles to invest better in their health. It is after all, the most important form of wealth.

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