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Breast Cancer Self-Assessment: Remember the Basics - 1, 2, 3, 4 & A.B.C

Breasts are not twins but siblings that look similar with minor changes in size, shape or presence of a mole or scar.

The human breast structure

Breasts also face the threat of the big "C", but how do we nip it in the bud?

To spot the unusual difference between the two “siblings”, remember the basics

How to self-check for breast cancer?

Coming back to number “2.”

1. See or visual inspection

Here are steps on how to “see” or visually inspect for breast cancer


Stand in front of the mirror.


Place your hands on the hips. 

Frame 2130

Raise both hands straight overhead & look for changes

Frame 2129-3

Put your hands down, look for any difference from raised hands.

2. Feeling or palpation

Use your ring, index and middle (R.I.M) fingers to feel the breasts while you shower or before you sleep. Examine each breast in turn, starting with your right hand on the left breast, then switch sides.

Under the shower

Frame 2127-1

With R.I.M fingers, lightly press every part of the breast. 

Frame 2128-1

Gradually increase pressure while moving to the nipple.

Frame 2130-1

Use a circular pattern to check for abnormalities.

Frame 2129-1

Check under the areola. 

Frame 2129-8

Gently squeeze the nipple
for any discharge

Frame 2127-2

Repeat on the other breast
for a thorough examination.

Before sleep

Frame 2127-3

Press down on the breast in
a circular motion

Frame 2127-4

Increase pressure while going
from outside to centre.

Frame 2127-5

Check the armpit and
collarbone similarly.

What are the signs and symptoms to look out for?

Frame 2127-6

Unusual colour changes
(red, blue ish purple, yellow,

Frame 2129-1

Unusual pain

Frame 2130-2

Lumps, bumps or swelling

Frame 2129-3

Unusual change in breast’s
size, shape or symmetry

Frame 2129-4

Breast skin s scaliness

Frame 2129-5

Orange peel like structure

Frame 2129-6

Sores or rashes on the skin

Frame 2129-7

Indentation or pricking

Frame 2129-8

Nipple discharge (colourless,
bloody, or milky)

Frame 2129-9

Nipple inversion

Consult a doctor in case of any abnormalities

Remember, early detection ensures a 90-100% chance of survival.