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Dental Screening Led To Early Detection Of My Oral Cancer: Survivor Satyajit Pattnaik Shares His Story

It is a universally known fact that catching cancer early is the key to beating it. It’s like nipping it in the bud when it’s small and manageable, as opposed to facing it after it has done significant, sometimes irrevocable, damage to the human body.

Especially with Head & Neck cancer, where the treatments may bring forth formidable changes, morphing faces and necks while ushering in permanent disabilities—cruel consequences such as the loss of the sacred ability to speak, chew, or swallow. Routine screening ensures early detection.

Take Sattyajit Pattnaik, for example. He went for a simple oral screening, and that move changed his whole story – a reminder that sometimes, a small step can make a big difference in the fight against cancer. He shared his story with the CancerMitr team through a phone call as he knew that his story could make a difference.

In the quaint town of Odisha, where life flows in a rhythm of simplicity, Satyajit Pattnaik led a very busy life as a businessman with a penchant for empathy for his friends and community. Amidst the passing days and nights, Satyajit’s journey took an unexpected turn when an unusual toothache in 2019 led him to the dentist’s chair.

“I felt uncomfortable, and I thought it must be an infection,” he recalls. Little did he know that this discomfort would become the catalyst for a transformative journey.

Satyajit’s routine oral screening, prompted by that nagging toothache, revealed more than he bargained for – a growth near his gums, which raised concerns.


His dentist advised him to undergo tests at a cancer hospital. A CT scan revealed a tumour size of 1mm, and the biopsy confirmed it was the worst. The word ‘cancer’ hung in the air, casting a shadow over his once carefree existence.

“It took a while for that piece of information to sink in,” he confesses. Fear, grief, and confusion engulfed him, but his doctor insisted on the surgical removal of the tumour. Determined to seek the best treatment, Satyajit travelled to Mumbai with his uncle.

He approached a prominent hospital in the city, but a three-month waiting list posed a critical dilemma. His cancer progressed to the 2nd, opening his eyes to the reality that cancer, as a disease, doesn’t wait, and he couldn’t afford to either. Turning to a private hospital in Santa Cruz, he underwent chemotherapy and surgery, enduring a six-month journey filled with pain, fatigue, and moments of despair.

“The pain takes a toll on you,” he shares, reflecting on the challenging road to recovery, “for me, it was a matter of just dealing with it until I fully recovered after treatment. And I did with time, patience and medications prescribed by doctors. This phase also opened my eyes to a lot of things in life.”

Satyajit emerged on the other side with newfound wisdom and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Choosing a vegetarian path and bidding farewell to smoking and tobacco chewing habits, he transformed his habits to embrace a life that values well-being.

Post-recovery, Satyajit didn’t just stop at healing himself. He became a beacon of hope for others, volunteering to support cancer patients from his village and beyond. Building a close-knit community of survivors, he understands the fragility of life and the importance of collective support. He also knew oral cavity cancer patients who had to endure much worse than he ever did, with permanent facial deformities and loss of eating and speaking ability. 

“I caught my disease in its juvenile stage, and it could have been worse. A lot worse,” he reflects, “I endured severe pain, but no one else should.” Sattyajit’s story resonates with a powerful message: early detection saves lives. His call to action urges everyone to exercise caution, abandon unhealthy habits, and embrace routine screening.

As Satyajit concludes his compelling story, he leaves us with a plea: “People should understand the risks and take the required measures to take care of their bodies.” 

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