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HBOT And Cancer: How It Enhances Cancer Treatment's Effectiveness And Healing - CancerMitr

Cancer treatment is a rigorous and demanding process that often poses significant physical and mental health challenges for patients. The procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy lead to various side effects like nausea & vomiting, fatigue, bleeding & bruising, pain, sexual & reproductive health issues and more. The success of the cancer treatment itself relies heavily on the cancer’s response to the treatment and the body’s ability to handle the side effects. To address the complexities of cancer treatment, complementary therapies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) play a crucial role in accelerating healing and overcoming resistance to treatment.
Keep reading to learn more about HBOT and how it helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment itself.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT?  

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) stands as a distinctive medical intervention harnessing the power of pure oxygen to rejuvenate and optimize normal bodily functions. This innovative treatment unfolds within a pressurized environment, where patients are exposed to elevated levels of pure oxygen. 

Patients, regardless of the chamber type, enter the pressurized environment, and the concentration of oxygen they breathe becomes significantly higher than what is achievable under normal atmospheric conditions. This enriched oxygen environment holds therapeutic benefits that extend across various medical conditions.

What are the different types of HBOT?  

The two primary configurations of hyperbaric oxygen chambers cater to different clinical needs:

Monoplace Units: Meticulously designed for individual use, monoplace unit provides a personalized and controlled environment for each patient. This design ensures that the concentration of oxygen is precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual undergoing therapy. Patients experience a focused and concentrated exposure to pure oxygen, optimizing the therapeutic effects for their particular medical condition.

Therapy Rooms: Therapy rooms emulate the familiar environment of a hospital room, facilitating the simultaneous treatment of multiple patients. This communal approach to hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows for efficiency in medical facilities, accommodating several individuals undergoing treatment concurrently.

In therapy rooms, patients wear either oxygen masks or lightweight hoods, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during the therapy session. This method enables healthcare professionals to oversee and manage the treatment of several patients simultaneously.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

How does HBOT help cancer patients?

– Enhanced Chemotherapy Effectiveness: HBOT makes chemotherapy more effective by reducing the cancer tumour’s resistance to powerful drugs. The therapy addresses the critical role of oxygen in sensitizing tumours to chemotherapy preventing resistance.

– Inhibition of Cancer Growth: HBOT alters the tumour microenvironment, making it less conducive for cancer cell growth. This inhibition contributes to better cancer cell death and impedes further tumour development.

– Synergy with Photodynamic Therapy: HBOT enhances the efficacy of photodynamic therapy, a treatment method particularly effective against cancers like mesothelioma. The drugs administered during photodynamic therapy rely on oxygen to kill cancer cells effectively.

– Facilitates Healing: Cancer patients undergoing various treatments, such as radiation therapy and surgery, can benefit from HBOT, which aids in the overall healing process.

In conclusion,

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy emerges as a valuable adjunct in cancer treatment, not only by assisting in killing bacteria and microorganisms but also by triggering the growth of new blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow to affected tissues. Given the pain and challenges associated with cancer treatment, HBOT, when integrated with the guidance of medical professionals, provides cancer patients with an additional means to cope with the physical and emotional burdens of their journey. As advancements continue, therapies like HBOT contribute to the comprehensive approach to cancer care and recovery.

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